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The power of community in the collaborative era

Posted by Janice Scheckter on June 18, 2016 12:25 PM EDT
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If your business, organisation, NPO, municipality, city or initiative does not have a well-defined community today, you’re missing multiple opportunities. Community is at the very core of the collaborative era and smart businesses are harnessing the power of community to co-create and crowd source.

These two concepts are not necessarily the same. In Leading the Revolution, author Gary Hamel said, ”If you want to see the future coming, 90% of what you need to learn you’ll learn from outside your industry.” Co-creation with your community promises insights that may otherwise have been missed or overlooked. Companies also understand how this reduces the risk of innovation while increasing ideation flow and velocity.

Over the past month and a half we shared our six big b2b trends for 2016. Community co-creation was trend 6/6 and it’s possibly the most important one right now, but without a community that buys in to what you’re about, you have little chance of achieving this.

In January I spoke at Pecha Kucha Joburg and shared a case study around city collaboration. In Mexico City, with the highest populace in the western hemisphere, public spaces are vital. MIT Media Centre ran a project to improve Pueblos de los Libertas, a major city square.

Rather than engage city officials, spatial development experts and the like, they engaged citizens. They treated every citizen like an expert and they adopted the most popular requested improvements.

Initiatives that show early success in community building are those that make the shift from the ‘mefirst’ mind-set to the ‘wefirst’ mind-set and that embrace real things that matter.

Finally, communities engage where there is shared purpose and authenticity. 

Janice Scheckter is co-founder and MD of Indigo New Media. Their audacious purpose is to change the world, one community at a time.


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Great blog and I love the "citizens as an expert" part of the co-creation!

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Mark Greeff

1 year ago

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The power of community in the collaborative era
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