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Sealevelwinningsubmissions Overview

The AeroTech-Concursive Sea Level Rise Challenge Prize kicked off on March 29, 2016. AeroTech, Concursive, and Wetlands Watch collaborated on a sea level rise app challenge. Prizes were awarded for the best app concept(s) to mitigate disruptions due to flooding. The submissions were judged on originality, innovation, technical feasibility, economic viability, presentation, and clarity of submission. The teams developed app concepts only, not the software, as well as a business opportunity description.

In all 25 people on 7 teams, provided 9 submissions. Winners were announced July 21, 2016 live at the Old Dominion University Strome Entrepreneurial Center. The judges awarded one first prize of $5,000 and two coequal runner-up prizes of $2,500. Teams were comprised of city employees, military personnel, government contractors, University faculty and students, and commercial businesses. Submissions were received from across the east coast of the United States to as far away as South Africa.

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