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Protecting your IP in your submissions - the process

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Protecting your IP in your submissions - the process

4/21/2016 3:07 PM EDT


We have established a process by which we can protect all teams' ideas and IP while getting enough insight to be able to judge all submissions. Our basic premise has not changed: Entrants keep all rights to rights to their IP, and the Organizers will endeavor to keep it that way.

Entrants should view their submissions as they would their initial approach or pitch to an investor group who has not signed an NDA. You need to say enough to convince us that it meets the judging requirements in the Rules & Guidelines, and that it merits consideration for the cash, but don’t give the shop away. Do not give us any proprietary information. The Organizers and the Judges cannot sign an NDA for this project. The Organizers want you to preserve your idea so that you can proceed to build a business around it after the Prize.

So here’s the process:

  1. Once a team is formed, tell me, and you will be given as special section on the Website. Only the Team members, the Organizers , and judges will be able to access that section.
  2. Teams may post anything on that page and it will not be shared. At any time prior to submission, Teams can ask me specific questions, can post any or all results, and the final submission will be posted on that page. I will help in any way I can, but must remain impartial and fair to all teams.
  3. Final submissions should not contain proprietary information. Although we will not share all parts of the submissions, we will want a version of the video to share. We will confirm with the team, after the submission deadline (June 24), if they are ok sharing the video or if any adjustments need to be made. Your material will be covered under U.S. Copyright law.

The organizers want the teams to succeed and come out with business opportunities that they can develop. Concursive’s platform is provided to help the teams make as much progress as possible, and none of the sponsors will retain any of the entrants’ IP.

Post any questions or comments - or send me a message.