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Extra Points Clarification

6/2/2016 8:10 PM EDT
Brad Scott photo

By Brad Scott

Brad Scott
President & CEO
Cetan Corp
D 757.548.6420 x 105

It was a pleasure meeting most of you virtually yesterday via web conference! I wanted to take this opportunity to clarify my response to one of the questions. A questioned was posed along the lines of receiving bonus points for providing a working model of a solution. As Paul mentioned in his communication, the maximum number of points is 100 (maximum of 25 points in each of the 4 scoring components).

I would strongly encourage each of the teams to maximize and distribute your efforts across each of the 4 judging components to increase your overall score vs. focusing on delivering against one particular component very well. When the judging occurs, we will absolutely be looking at each of the items in the criteria and awarding points based on that alignment. I wouldn’t want a team to be in a position where they receive great scores (I.e. 25 points) on a single aspect like presentation, but really miss the mark by not providing a solution that doesn’t have a business opportunity or isn’t realistic (thus receiving very little points).

You can look at it a couple of different ways. You can come up with a really cool solution, but if no one would consume (think revenue) the solution, it simply makes a great ornament on your virtual fireplace mantel! On the flip side, you may have a great solution that absolutely solves problems and has potential, but if you cannot articulate the value, it's also a shiny object on your virtual fireplace mantel. The key is finding the balance!

I hope this provides some additional guidance! If it doesn't, this is a great platform to continue the discussion!

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1. 6/6/2016 1:45 PM EDT

Thanks Brad.

Everyone - Keep the comments/questions coming. We want to help maximize your chance of success as we enter the last few weeks.


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