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January 23

Les Aker @Matching Companies & People: An interesting concept from the Naval Postgraduate School: Team of Advisors: The Social Science of Advice in Homeland and National Security

7 months ago • 1 comment

January 03

Les Aker @Matching Companies & People: This looks like an interesting way to start the year... Take The Quiz: Is Your Boss A Leader -- Or A Wimp?

8 months ago • 1 comment

December 19

Les Aker @Matching Companies & People: Interesting story: "This CEO gives his employees a 3-day weekend every month and a $2,000 vacation bonus"

8 months ago • 1 comment

December 02

David Leon @Matching Companies & People: I'm looking to find / meet interesting companies in Hampton Roads that are looking for talented people to help them with their business

2 years ago

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A place for companies to find needed talent to help them grow & expand their business and for people to find interesting companies to partner & work with.

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