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Security (physical, cyber and information)

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December 04

Les Aker @Security (physical, cyber and information): Someone hacked the SF transit system and infected it with ransomware. They demanded 100 Bitcoins to unlock the system.

9 months ago • 1 comment

November 29

Les Aker @Security (physical, cyber and information): Ransomware is a growing problem in the connected world for all businesses and individuals.

9 months ago • 1 comment

February 10

Paul Johnson @Security (physical, cyber and information): Given that security is a critical element of a government contractor. How can we leverage that to market to commercial clients?

2 years ago

Group Profile

Security services ensure that human and system resources are protected from internal and external threats. Security can be broken into three primary domains: Physical security - identifies, develops, implements, and maintains security across the organization’s physical elements; Information security - defends information from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, inspection, recording or destruction; and Cyber security - manages actions that discover, eliminate, prevent, mitigate risk or report on cyber threats, vulnerability or attacks. Each of these domains has a myriad of other services that identify, assess, or control elements of security. A government contractor typically requires more attention to all these elements if they possess classified information. To what extent are all these elements relevant in the context of a commercial vendor? What is required to translate them to a commercial space?

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