GOV2COM is an Old Dominion University Center for Enterprise Innovation grant program that helps government and defense contractors in the Hampton Roads region of Virginia expand into commercial markets. Funding is sponsored by the Commonwealth through the Department of Defense Office of Economic Adjustment.

What do you do next?

Request an application for services. You can do this by contacting info@gov2com.org or clicking HERE

After meeting with GOV2COM, eligible applicants will begin to work with the GOV2COM team to develop a Commercial Readiness Assessment (CRA).

  • The goal of the CRA is to create a report that identifies commercial business opportunities and outlines the steps needed to develop those opportunities.

The CRA may include recommendations for

  • Training or support in areas such as marketing, finance, law and market sector analysis
  • Further exploration of patents and trade processes that may have commercial applicability
  • Access to the Old Dominion University Innovation Center - Norfolk
  • Prototyping resources to assist in developing products for commercial markets

The goal is for GOV2COM to work with the applicant in order to subsidize the services needed to implement the CRA.

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